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Mazda IDS VCM v106.07 [06.2017]
Mazda IDS VCM v106.07 [06.2017]
Integrated Diagnostic System

[Image: f9fpu0.png]
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Quote:Region: All regions 
Languages: English, Russian 
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD  
Version: v106.07
Year: 2017
Date of update: 06/2017

The VCM v106.07 includes software for the IDS (Integrated Diagnostic System) tool.
Diagnostic coverage includes most 1996 – 2017 MY (produced 1995 – 2017) Ford, Lincoln/Mercury & Mazda vehicles.

The Vehicle Commnication Module (VCM) is a high performance, ruggedized, vehicle serial communications gateway. This device provides multiple vehicle serial communication interfaces to meet the requirements of all Ford Motor Company vehicles.

Ford-Mazda Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS):
The Ford-Mazda Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) will be the only equipment that provides complete diagnostic coverage of current and future Ford-Mazda , Lincoln and Mercury vehicles in North America. The IDS package replaces the Worldwide Diagnostic System (WDS). The IDS application will perform the identical functions of the WDS and allows dealership technicians to diagnose and service Ford, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles. As the new diagnostic tool, IDS will be required to perform diagnostics on future model year vehicles. One IDS Package is recommended for each WDS in the dealership.

IDS is enhanced WDS software  that was modified to run on a standard laptop platform, and utilizes the VCM and VMM. Moving IDS to a laptop helps technicians by integrating access to both diagnostics and service information on a single, powerful machine.

The VCM also has detachable cables for connection to industry standard high-speed host interfaces as well as to the vehicle under test. The VCM  DVD includes both IDS (Integrated Diagnostic Software) and PDS (Portable Diagnostic Software) tools.

Product Contents
• Cables
• Case

Product Details
Application Overview:
Integrated Diagnostic Software (IDS) is the next generation diagnostic tool. IDS integrates WDS software modified to run on an off-the-shelf laptop with the Vehicle Communication Module (VCM) currently used in NGS+ and PDS, and a new Vehicle Measurement Module (VMM).

Vehicle Diagnostic Connectors:
The VCM 16-pin DLC cable is used to connect the VCM to the vehicle. The VCM and VMM connect to the laptop through the Ethernet-USB Adapter Cable (H406/H416).

Compatible with [Image: 2nbzpeo.png]

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Mazda Calibration Files C93 MegaLinks.txt
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