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Daewoo (Nexia+Matiz) 2008 - Admin - 07-16-2019

Daewoo (Nexia+Matiz) 2008
Spare parts catalog.

[Image: 1.jpg]
[Image: 02.jpg]
[Image: 03.jpg]

Quote:Region: All regions
Interface language : Russian only
Version : 2.0
OS: WinXP, Vista, Windows7, Win8,WIN10
System requirements : Acrobat Reader
Format : PDF
Pages : 777
Quantity of CD: 1 CD
Year: 2018

Now Daewoo Nexia in the N100 and N150 in the back and Matiz "in one bottle"!
The original catalog has been significantly upgraded (without changing the content) in terms of functionality. Additional buttons have been added to the pages, as well as the ability to navigate through the one-touch directory. Tables of contents and thumbnails of groups (Identification of illustration) are active !

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