Full Version: OP-COM 08/2010 MULTI
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OP-COM 08/2010 MULTI

Languages: DE, EN, RU, HU, NL, PL and RO.
What is this program for? thats wacko!
what is the purpose of this software?
Quote:OP-COM OPCOM OP COM DIAGNOSE USB V081016EN & V090420GER supports many control units, like Engine, Automatic Transmission, ABS, Airbag, Engine Cooling module, Instrument Cluster, Electronic Climate Control, Body Control Unit, just to name a few examples. Since Opel uses many pin in the OBD connector, the diagnostic interface works as a multiplexer, and selects the appropriate pin for communication. PIN3, PIN7, PIN8, PIN12 = Serial Link (ISO9141, KW81, KW82, KWP2000) NEW V090420

found this on google.
is this the same as vaux com?

Links are dead on both sites.
In attached file you can find fresh link for op-com multi lang.