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Remote Install - BMW ISTA-D, ISTA-P, INPA, E-Sys Launcher Pro
Remote Install - BMW ISTA-D, ISTA-P, INPA, E-Sys Launcher Pro and other

It is a program for diagnostics and reprogramming of electronic control units of BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce cars.
BMW ISTA-D 4.37 + ISTA-P 3.70 or newer license for 2 years (installation, activation, configure VCI) - $265

BMW ISTA-D 4.34 - $155
BMW ISTA-D 4.32 + 4.33 bases - $75
BMW ISTA-D 4.31 - $45
BMW ISTA-P 3.69 - $45

BMW ISTA-D 4.35 or 4.37 (license only) - $75
BMW FSC + IBAC Generator - $25

For BMW INPA - $59
  1. INPA 5.0
  2. BMW Coding Tool 2.5
  3. NCS Expert tool 4.0
  4. EDIABAS 7.3
  5. VIN KFP Tool 5.3
  6. BMW SP-Daten 67.1
BMW INPA VMware - $35

BMW Dr.Gini - $25 (you need to have installed BMW INPA)
Gives additional features to Ediabas.

BMW NCS Dummy - $15

BMW E-Sys VMware - $35
BMW E-Sys with Launcher Pro native / directly - $70
BMW E-Sys Plus 4 online
- $199
Esys plus 4.x is software for BMW coding. Made in China, but much better than Esys Launcher Pro.

BMW E-Sys 3.40 Launcher Pro v5.0 (3 year license) - $125
Version 5.0 supports both CAFD versions 1.0 and 2.0. Slowly, but eventually, BMW is moving to online signing all coding data, starting with Coding 2.0 (SP2021), and now Coding 3.0. Signature methods for these CAFD uses RSA 2048 to RSA 4096 and Elliptic curves (ECCP 256 – ECCP 521. These will be very limiting in the future. As of the latest PSdZ data, Launcher PRO V5 supports online signing of known CAFD using authenticated keys and proper coding proof stamp. I'm probably letting off more than I should, but we'll get there eventually.

Launcher PRO V5.0 sports streamlined modern Metro UI. There are 5 selectable themes to choose from. Add as many supported apps as possible and double-click when ready to run.
[Image: BMW-E-Sys-3-40-Launcher-Pro-v5-0.png]

Diagnostic trouble codes read/erase
Self coding script (with editor)
FA editor with the equipment description
Self Backup FA, SVT, NCD
Works with ESYS 3.36 3.3.37 or newer 64-bit version
NCD compare tool inside
Free online upgrades support within 6 months.

BMW DIS 57 + TIS 12.07 VMware - $55 (you need to have installed BMW INPA)

BMW WDS (Wiring Diagram System) - $25

HU-ServiceManager - $25
With this program, you can update the service data for the maintenance of BMW F-Series.

BMW HU Engineering Tools (3 months support + updates) - $2999
BMW HU Engineering Tools
(yearly support + updates after first 3 months) - $745

BMW KSD 09.2019 - $25
The BMW KSD electronic catalog contains the dealer catalog of BMW Watch Norms (BMW) and expert ratings, all BMW series are presented.

BMW SSS Progman (Programming Manager) - $45
Designed for coding and programming BMW cars. The program opens using a virtual machine, configured for BMW INPA.

BMW Testo - $25 (you need to have installed BMW INPA)
The program works in addition to Ediabas with an engine ECU, with many DDE and DME models. The software allows you to read the necessary data from the engine control unit, read the indicators and basic parameters, it is also convenient to display in the form of sensors, record motor logs.

BMW ETK 01.2020 + Prices 04.2020 - $29
Spare parts catalog. Search is carried out both by spare part number and by vehicle model or by vehicle VIN.

BMW Service Manager Pro - $655
- Get current service history from the car
- Write new service on top of the list
- Edit/Manipulate existing services
- Working with all PRO (609) HU/Navi systems
- Licence per one PC

[Image: BMW-Service-Manager-Pro-hutool3.jpg]
[Image: hutool3-2018-09-17-11-52-26.png]

BMW Paper Book - Training Programming, Coding and Retrofit (work in most BMW programs) - $199 (without shipping)
It includes 397 pages.
1. BMW Vehicle recognition vehicle chassis
2. Vehicle development platform, integration level
3. Chassis number (VIN) interpretation and (model code)
4. Vehicle configuration FAIVO
5. Programming, the definition of coding
6. Solution to common faults before communication
7. BMW ISTA uses programming code completely ( Why some software can’t be programmed)
8. BMW ISTA-P programming
9. BMW original diagnostic engineer system software
10. Product naming rules (Sub-products, Naming rules)
11. BMW car series chassis code recognition:
– BMW car series: 1 series include E81,E82,F20,F40,… come 8 series Coupe include E31,G15,G16,…
– BMW SUV series: X1 include E84,F49,..come X7 include G07.
– BMW M power series: M2 include F87 …come M8 include F91,F92. X3M include F97…come X7M include F94.
– BMW Z series: Z3 include E36,..come Z8 include Z8 include E52.
– BMW I electric series: I3, I8, IX3
12. Software integration level description
13. Integration level determination
14. Common integration level
15. Development Platform
16. BMW Engineer Basic Knowledge-Interpretation of BMW VIN
17. Basic Knowledge-Interpretation of BMW VIN LBV6P4107LMX66636
18. Basic knowledge_____Interpretation of chassis number VIN (basic type)
19. Basic knowledge_____Interpretation of vehicle identification number VIN
20. FA vehicle configuration table:
– FA Read the table to configure the vehicle
– Seized vehicle
21. A vehicle configuration table (VO Rationnalitu)
22. Code setting and program coding
23. Structured Single System Control and Control
– Computer calculation
– Group-based computer calculation
– Group-based unit single control car and steam
24. On the code design and programming of the conceptual concept of theory
– Conceptual Software Domain Leading Computing
– System operation – Windows 10, 8.1, 7, XP/ IOS /Android
– Anger/WeChat/Office – application for programming
– File configuration/ from registration for programming
– Disk network/disk magnetic landbook-data users
– Concept soft element single control car and steam
– System operation
– Application — Driving and driving/navigation
– Digital parameter function/digital parameter calibration-information configuration for household use
– Songs/Information Errors ECU/Pictures-For data users
– Type code of component software ECU
– Process programming
– Code set
– Use appropriate programming for the scene
– Use the appropriate code for the scene
25. Spare parts hard
26. BMW Original Diagnostic System
27. Two common reasons are not able to communicate
28. Update Firmware Guide Using with ISTA + Software
29. In-depth study of BMW original diagnosis software system ISTA-D
– Check function
– BMW original diagnosis system ISTA-D in-depth study
– Device new cluster system
– Knowledge points of BMW phoenix data search
30. GG Remember to remember, be familiar with, must be necessary to speak, linguistics and skills often used ISTA-D
31. BMW Original Diagnostic Programming System Vehicle Diagnostics, real cars
32. BMW Railway and East Car
33. Why can’t my ISTA-D be programmed?
34. ISTA-D Analyze the Programming and Compiling
35. ISTA-P technology analysis, programming, and coding steps
36. BMW original programming system
37. Lesson 714 card
38. Introduced Software Engineer Chenggong BMW
– Chenggong
– E Software engineer Chenggongpan
– F\G\I Software engineer Chenggongpan
– Software engineer Chenggongpan BMW other
– BMW is full functions
– Preparation before programming
– Basic knowledge—-FA Vehicle configuration
– Basic knowledge—-FA Vehicle configuration (VO Station rational)
39. Introduction of the software used by BMW engineer E
40. Engineer communication connection
41. Engineer communication connect (early years)
42. Engineer connects fiber optic mode to read car C1C information
43. Engineer communication connect-website connection
44. INPA Use Teaching Course
45. BMW Coding Tool Early Access To Programming Coding Data
46. WINKFP-Like Entrance
47. BMW E Precise system of number schedule
48. Manual Data Import method after setting
49. BMW E platform engineer programming (WINKEP)
50. BMW E platform coding teaching software NCS nuclear configuration
– NCS-Expert-Tool Coding Explanation
– NCS changes to the vehicle VO course
– BMW E series brush hidden/shield failure
– BMW E series FA writes (read and write FRU from CAS)
– Shielding code table erasing method
– E chassis gas shielding code
– Common Failures Of BMW WINKFPNCS Communication
51. U.S standard E70/E71 fuel leakage, so the resistance to it
52. BMW Series E90-325 Change 330
53. CIC E70 F71 One time finished it is Unlocked
54. U.S standard E70 Second Chinesation Unlock
55. CIC E70 F71 code programming and data compilation-Hua Han Ci 2
56. BMW E series certificate writing
57. DEPOSITORY documents set
58. Detailed E-SYS-establish a connection
- E-SYS explicitly use the code set
- Vehicle data backup-each copy of the entire vehicle CAFD file
– F chassis change VO write…
– How to write the changed VO to the Gateway
– E-SYS brush to hide G
59. Shield SOS
60. Steps to turn of the passenger seat occupancy recognition sesnor for X5 F15
61. Code generation lamp fog screen
62. F G I Chassis programming, how to save life after editing, how to solve the problem after programming
63. FG platform technology
64. Edit and downgrade programming
65. TOOL32 comic book
66. BMW E series VPN Digital China Client- Tool Radar
67. BMW E series VPN Teaching (Server + Client )
68. BMW E series VPN model ( Server communication is normal)
69. BMW control unit verification…And many more tutorials.
Need it? Write to me for details.
I can help install. Click  Arrow  the link
  • BMW - ISTA E-Sys
  • Mercedes - Xentry HHTWin Vediamo Monaco
  • Porsche - Piwis
  • Activation Launch
  • Volvo, MAN, DAF, Cummins, and others
Thanks given by:

BMW ISTA-D 4.37 + ISTA-P 3.70
BMW ISTA-D 4.35 or 4.37 (license only)
BMW FSC + IBAC Generator
I can help install. Click  Arrow  the link
  • BMW - ISTA E-Sys
  • Mercedes - Xentry HHTWin Vediamo Monaco
  • Porsche - Piwis
  • Activation Launch
  • Volvo, MAN, DAF, Cummins, and others
Thanks given by:

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