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Welcome to Auto EPC Forum - Admin - 09-02-2011

Welcome to Auto EPC Forum

Guys 1st of all, "Welcome to the Forum"

Everybody is welcome here, all we ask is that you take time to read a few posts, its amazing what you will learn from reading just a few.

Please post an introduction post here Introduce Yourself telling us something about yourself.

After you have posted your introduction post please have a look around the forum and join in, you may post in any section you wish.

Once you have posted (please don't post crap and make the mods/admin jobs harder than they already are) then you are allowed to download any files you require from Downloads Section of the forum. Please try to make your posts fit in with the context of the thread. Posting irrelevant answers just to get to the download section will only get them deleted and you'll be back to square one. So please use common sense.

Lastly enjoy yourself, if you like what you see and are happy with the forums , tell your mates and family and don't be a stranger, we want as many people as possible to join in, be a part of and make this a great community.