Full Version: GM MDI Manager v8.1.135.13 [2015]
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GM MDI Manager v8.1.135.13 [2015]

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The MDI Manager is a software utility that allows you to configure the MDI and also perform occasional maintenance operations, such as downloading updates to the unit’s internal software. The MDI Manager software running on a PC is designed chiefly for IT professionals working in a shop environment, or for anyone tasked with setting up one or more MDIs for general use.

The tester’s or unit’s internal software (sometimes called firmware): This is the software that runs on the MDI itself.
The MDI Manager software: This is the software running on your PC that allows you to configure the tester for use in the shop. The help file you are currently reading explains how to use this software, while the MDI Quick Start Guide and the MDI User’s Guide discuss the operation of the tester itself.

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